Wondering what to do with 6 packets of beetroot and my continuing obsession with the two ingredient pancake

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I love Saturdays because I get to cook and eat my favourite breakfast. During the week I leave my house at 6.45am and so I have breakfast at work. At the weekends my pancake is what I choose most of the time. I have blogged about how make my two ingredient pancake before and you can find that here. My pancake has now evolved to a four ingredient pancake as these days I add a dessertspoon of chia seeds and a teaspoon of cinnamon. I find the chia seeds really help with my digestion as they are full of fiber as well as Omega 3 and protein. I always top my pancake with far too much almond butter and then add berries if I have them. This morning I had to take my son to cricket but I was determined I would fit it in between drop off and pick up. I love this because it is sweet and satisfying, keeping me full for hours, unlike a bowl of cereal where I am hungrier after eating it than I was before. It is gluten free and suitable for Paleo or ‘Clean Eating’ regimes, but I eat it just because it tastes so good!

IMAG0356Once all the activities and general weekend chores were out of the way I decided it was time to tackle the back log of vegetables I had due to me being lax about letting Seasons Fruit and Veg know that I don’t need any more beetroot for now thank you (I am in proud possession of around 6 packs of beetroot and 16 onions). I still have no idea what to do with the onions but I made dip with the beetroot. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.



I used up two of the packets of beetroot (250g packs) and whizzed them up in the food processor with a teaspoon of ground cumin, some fresh mint from the garden and the juice of half a lemon. When I tasted it wan’t nearly minty enough so I added a tablespoon of mint sauce which was much better. Then I stirred in a 150g pot of Total Greek Yoghurt and sprinkled with Nigella seeds. It turned out just as good as the one you buy in M&S. I cut up some carrots to dip in it and then had a few crisps too, because it is a Saturday.

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