A new fast day meal – I should be more adventurous on my 2 days

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It has now been roughly a year and a half and I am still sticking to intermittent fasting or as it’s more commonly known, the 5:2 diet. I eat normally for 5 days of the week and then stick to 2 ‘fast days’ where I eat 500 calories or less. If I was a man this would be 600 calories or less. For more information the Fast Diet website is a good resource. I am not losing weight anymore but I am maintaining my weight loss. I haven’t found I’ve been able to go to the maintenance plan of 6:1 sadly, but I can live with that.

This is the only sustainable diet I have found that works for me because most of the time I am not ‘dieting’ but just getting on with my life without constantly counting calories or feeling guilty if I slip off my diet. And really guilt is not an emotion you want to be feeling when it comes to eating, it is a really unhealthy mindset. No-one should have guilt around food, we all need food to live. What we should be doing is making positive choices in life about food.

What I love about this diet is if I fancy some chocolate I have the bloody chocolate, but guilt doesn’t drive me to then say ‘oh sod the diet I’m now going to eat ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE’, I know that a little bit is fine and I will fast tomorrow. Then on fast days when I’m hungry, I can think, hunger is not going to hurt me for just one day, I will really enjoy my food tomorrow.

That being said, I do have to remind myself that I can’t go mad on a non-fast day as that is counter-productive!

I tend to stick to eating the same thing on a fast day and actually that is getting boring. I bought the fast diet recipe book and I’ve barely looked at it so I decided I would make an effort this week and I am so glad I did because I made this:


It was delicious and also taught me that sometimes less is more. Usually I throw everything I can find into a salad, but this was just 3 simple ingredients and it tasted fresh and delicious.

I used my panini maker to griddle the courgette – a much healthier use for this gadget that usually just takes up space in the cupboard, I am going to recommission it more often. Then I added 40g of feta cheese, some mint from the garden and a handful of rocket, then I dressed it with grated lemon rind and a squeeze of lemon. It totally worked, it was pretty satisfying and it was all only about 150 calories.

Then on my next non fast day I was treated to lunch by my gorgeous and very special friend who took me out for a late birthday treat and I had this:


Still a pretty healthy choice I think and still so tasty. It it is too hard to see in the photo it’s Cod with white asparagus and samphire.

I only had an hour in my lunch hour, but it was a wonderful hour. You can’t get better than the company of a special friend and really good food.

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One Response to A new fast day meal – I should be more adventurous on my 2 days

  1. Tim Hodson says:

    Good job! I’m also rather familiar with that “ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE” problem..! 😉

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