A healthy home made mocha frappucino

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Some months ago I bought a NutriNinja. Buying some new kitchen gadgetry always runs the risk of just having something else to clutter up the kitchen work surface or find itself consigned to the dusty confines of the loft, however this particular gadget has held on to it’s pride of place next to the food processor and the kettle.

The reason is because it is so damn good at it’s job. It will turn anything into a smoothie. The reason I prefer this to a juicer is because it just pulverises the whole fruit or vegetable, which means it leaves none of the goodness behind. Often with juices all you are left with is the sugar, while all the fibre is just chucked away. I was complimented on my skin recently, which was lovely to hear and I put it down to eating a lot of fruit and veg. Well, plus wearing factor 50 on my face, but I think probably the fruit and veg is good contributory factor.

I love a Frappucino, but I know they are full of things that are bad for you such as sugar and sugar syrup and they also cost a small fortune. So I now make my own, much more delicious version, in my Ninja. The smoothie is also filling so it can also doubles as breakfast.

This is what I put in mine for a good breakfast pick me up:


If the photos is not clear what I have in it is a banana, some almond milk, a shot of coffee, and a teaspoon each of guarana powder, cacao powder, chia seeds, almond butter and cinnamon. I started putting honey in it too, but I’ve weaned myself of this part as honey is still just added sugar and the banana actually makes it sweet enough. Sometimes if I have Medjool dates I will add one of those in if I feel it needs to be sweeter. I know the Guarana and Cacao powder sound fancy, but I saw them in the sale in Tesco for three pounds reduced from about twelve, so I thought I’d better buy them and give them a go as they were such a bargain, but I reckon you could just add in what you fancy.

Then I whizz it up with a handful of ice. I no longer drink alcohol, it’s been a year and half now since I had a hangover, but I reckon if you’ve got a hangover on a Sunday morning this would sort you right out.



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