Today’s blog post brought to you by the colour green

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I had forgotten how tough Pete’s circuits class is, but my body has definitely been reminding today – my quads are screaming. I’m glad I got to go to yesterday’s class but I’m not sure my muscles have forgiven me yet.

It was 16 stations and we did 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest at each one. The stations were: hamstring curls, press-ups, skipping, pull-ups on the TRX, squats on a Bosu, plank, star-jumps, kettle bell swings, calf raises on a step, bicycles, the ropes, side plank, lunges, jogging on the spot, bicep curls, power bag lifts.

I did pace myself but it was tough, and I felt pretty light-headed at one point, but I didn’t stop, neither did I tell Pete as he would have made me stop and I know my own limitations so I felt safe keeping that to myself – I know this will make him cross if he reads this, but I don’t often get to go so I wanted to make the most of it. He did worry I looked a bit pale….

When I got back I had a really refreshing juice made with just one pear and 10g of ginger whizzed up in the NutriNinja with some water. I love ginger as it gives things a real kick, plus it’s anti-inflammatory so I thought it would make a great post-workout drink.

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Then for dinner I made a satay stir-fry with the spring greens that we had – this is my favourite way of cooking with spring greens, it’s from the book the Medicinal Chef by Dale Pinnock.┬áIt’s really easy, you just stir fry a couple of leeks, some chilli and garlic until the leek is soft. Then chuck in the spring greens until they go bright green, then stir in soy sauce (although I’d run out so I used Worcester sauce and it worked fine) a couple of teaspoons of honey, and a couple of table spoons of peanut butter. The season with Chinese five spice. It’s a very pleasant way of chomping your way through a lot of greens.

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Tonight’s dinner was another family favourite. Sea Bass cooked in a foil parcel with coriander, dill and fennel seeds on a bed of red onion and sliced fennel. I served this with stir fried pak choi, in ginger, chilli and garlic. I think when you cook fresh food with all of these lovely natural herbs, spices and flavours it beats beige food any day! It appears that this week’s food has been mainly green. I think I’d better go and have some chocolate for balance….


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