A 333 calorie fast day and why I stick to the 5:2

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I have just entered my calories for the day in to MyFitnessPal and the calorie count comes to a very satisfying 333 calories. And by satisfying I mean the number being all threes, rather than me feeling replete.

Not that my dinner wasn’t delicious, a peach and feta salad (180 calories):

photo (1)

Lunch was carrot and butternut soup at 100 calories, the rest is made up of the milk from plenty of teas and coffees.

Whilst fast days are hard, I do find the 5:2 pretty easy to follow. Whilst I am hungry today I can cope because I know that I can eat tomorrow.

And for me this is the key; people always ask me how I can cope on less than 500 calories per day and the answer is that it’s only for a day. Anyone can cope with one day at a time, well, I can anyway.

In the evening on a fast day I start to really look forward to breakfast, at which stage I usually just go to bed. There is nothing wrong with an early night – I’ve read plenty of articles that say sleep is good for you and good for weight loss too.

The other key reason I stick to it is because it works! It is the ONLY diet I have ever managed to stick to as a lifestyle choice, which essentially means that it is effective. It took me about 8 months to lose just over a stone and a year later the weight has not come back on.

I love the freedom it gives me, because most of the time I’m not dieting at all and I pretty much eat what I want.

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One Response to A 333 calorie fast day and why I stick to the 5:2

  1. Lisa Zsentko says:

    where can I get details and recipes for this diet please

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