Never skip the stretches!

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So there I am dutifully doing my Davina Fit in 15 and getting along marvelously well, when one day I think to myself, well I’ve done arms today, I am going to skip the stretching bit. All is fine, until I get up the next day, lean over the sink to clean my teeth and pain shoots across my lower back. I can’t straighten up! I did manage to make it in to work for a meeting with my boss, but by the time we’d finished, I had to ask the office manager if he would help me to my car as I could barely move.

That was about a week ago. I went to the docs and the painkillers they gave me made me feel sick, which was most disappointing. I booked an appointment with my physiotherapist, Sam, and she said that I have a muscular imbalance – a posterior tilt to my pelvis. Basically my hamstrings and glutes are so tight they are pulling my pelvis down, which means my lower back muscles got fed up of being overstretched and, as everything is connected, they thought they had better seize up to protect themselves. So I have some stretches to do to correct the imbalance, but it is taking some time and I am most impatient! And we are going camping next week, which will probably be either kill or cure I guess.

The sad news is that after 587 days I had to end my Plankaday streak :-(

Sam said that she normally says ‘a plank a day keeps the physio away’, but in my case it hasn’t done. I need to do Mackenzie extensions when my back is better as perhaps just strengthening my core and not my back too wasn’t a good idea, I don’t know. Anyway after planking every day for 587 days, even if that meant planking in a pub, casino, airport, edge of the Grand Canyon (I’ll always be proud of that one) my streak is over. ┬áIt has been nice not to be on the edge of sleep and then leap out of bed because I’ve forgotten I suppose. And hopefully when I start again I’ll come back stronger.

So the moral of this story is never ever skip the stretches! And then do extra! I start Yoga at work tomorrow so I am hopeful that that is going to save me.

And streeeeetch and breeeathe……


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