Me and My Fitbit

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I thought I would blog again with my FitBit findings from my first day back at work today.

I had to go to our London head office and I chickened out of getting the train due to the horrible weather and the fact my laptop bag and all it’s paraphernalia weighs in at least 5kg and hurts my shoulders. So I drove there, which is actually much quicker if I don’t drive in rush hour too, a one hour commute, instead of two if I were to take the train. However as a result of this by the end of the working day I had only achieved a rather pathetic 2,000 steps which is less than a mile.

Way, way off the 10k step target. So I had to get on the treadmill after work. This is no hardship as I am watching the first season of Luther on catch-up and the hour just flies by, it is totally gripping.

What this does show though is how little movement is built in to my day if I am driving all the way to work. Next time I need to go to HQ I don’t need my laptop, so I will definitely take the train. I know I reach my 10,000 steps very easily if I train it to work as this involves 2 changes and a walk at either end.

When I first got the device I was shocked at how little I could move in a day at the office. You may be pleasantly surprised, you may be very active in your day. I think I read somewhere that nurses and waitresses generally do the most steps naturally as part of their working day.

I was very pleasantly surprised one weekend when some friends and I went out in Brighton, we danced until 3 am and I had done 80% of the day’s step count before going to bed! Dancing / Walking as long as it’s movement then that’s OK right? Never mind the bit about the cocktails….

The most steps I have logged on it have been when on holiday, Pete and I were going out for long walks before it got too hot when we went to Spain and I found it easy to log 10-15k steps before 10 am. I didn’t feel too bad about lounging around in the sun after that.

I read a headline today which talked about how eventually we will be self-tracking, not with devices we clip in or wear on our wrists but with devices that we have had implanted or swallowed to monitor our health constantly. I don’t think we are that far away from this at all, odd though it sounds.

I definitely found that when I lost my Flex and went a month without this little gadget monitoring steps, I didn’t move as much. It’s weird how I need to be accountable to something to make me do it, even though I’m only kidding / cheating myself!

I think the main difference for me in the Flex and the Zip is that you have to remember to clip the Zip on to whatever you’re wearing, so if you change clothes in the day, you need to remember to swap it over, where-as the Flex you wear on your wrist all the time. I found myself leaping out of bed last night as I remembered I had just stuck mine in the wash on my trousers. They are water resistant but I’ve put my iPod in the washing machine twice now, so I don’t trust myself.

Changing the subject slightly, I haven’t blogged about food for a while so this is sort of 2 blogs in 1.

I tried a recipe for dinner from a website I recently came across called Against All Grain. It is for baked grain-free chicken strips.

The recipe can be found here

They turned out really well, in spite of me completely mucking up the recipe and doing it in a 2 stage process instead of 3. I basically mixed all the dry ingredients together instead of separating out the desiccated coconut and the flour. Oh and I didn’t have all the spices either, so I improvised a bit.

Next time I make them I will do it properly and see if they are better. My excuse is I was making them at the same time as the kid’s bedtime and my daughter was asking me random questions whilst my son was shouting loudly to his mates on-line. They turned out OK though:


And they tasted great, so I will definitely be going back to Danielle’s fantastic website for more recipes.


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