The benefits of doing a little bit each day

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I have set myself the challenge of running 750 miles this year which is an average of 2.05 miles per day. I intend to run a half marathon this year, but until I have my training plan I am sticking to making sure I run at least this each day if I can. Once I am clocking up greater mileage I will modify this, but I am finding this is working for me at the moment. By doing something every day I am creating a chain and apparently this is how Seinfeld kept up such prolific writing, doing a small amount every day rather than trying to sit down and write a thousand jokes all at once. I am applying this same theory to my plankaday, by doing something every day and not wanting to ‘break the chain’ it keeps me ticking over – because it is far easier to get out of the habit of exercising than to get in it! Sod’s Law!

I was inspired here by the picture on the CarrotsnCake blog that I love and the quote of the week in her gym:


I’ve also set myself the new challenge of rowing 2km in 10 minutes – I thought I’d be able to nail this straight away but apparently not – I can do 1.9km so far but watch this space! I’ve only had 2 attempts so far. I’m also keeping the press-ups ticking over – it took me ages to build up to full press-ups and now I’m there I don’t want to lose it.

I do like to try to do something every day as well because for a lot of the rest of the time I am sitting down at a desk.

There has been a fair amount written about this recently such as this article on the BBC website:

Which is slightly less sensational than another article entitled, ‘your couch will kill you!’ that I saw somewhere!

So I am trying to stand for more of my working day, but I am also building up to it, at the moment just making sure I am doing at least an hour at a time.

In other news it’s Monty’s birthday today so Mr L bought him a new basket so that he can have one in the kitchen but also one in the living room. Plus a few chewy things – Happy Birthday Monty

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