A rather extended ‘sod it’ moment

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I’m feeling a little fed-up today. After doing so well and losing the 10 pounds I completely lost it at the weekend!
It all started when we went to my daughter’s school fair where there was a lovely cupcake stand – Right Royal Cupcakes. All the stands were set up in the pouring rain, and I just though ‘oh sod it’ and bought some. It was all downhill from there really.

After eating my Eton Mess cupcake we then decided to get a family film out because it was tipping it down outside. And with it we had popcorn and crisps. Then because I’d lost track of the calories I ate Minstrels too. Followed by more crisps in the evening while watching ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Then some Haagen Dazs.
But it gets worse, this followed on in to Sunday because we went out for lunch, which was also lovely, but the weather has been so awful I had a big roast dinner, followed by a raspberry souffle with mint ice-cream and shortbread.
I have to say, it was divine, the whole lunch was lovely and the kids were so beautifully behaved that we had a really special time. I was really proud of my son who was very adventurous and ordered the Seabass stuffed with seafood.
And then Mr L surprised me with some gorgeous cupcakes made by someone local called ‘Box of Cakes’ because I hadn’t had a Birthday Cake on my actual birthday. They were so beautiful and tasted as good as they looked. But I suppose I shouldn’t really have eaten 2 of them. :-/

What has happened to me? It’s as if I’m completely trying to sabotage myself!
So I’m down, because I had been doing so well and I’m not sure what got in to me (apart from a tonne of sugar obviously)

Anyway the only thing to do now is get back on the horse so to speak.
So that’s what I’m doing. Back to Myfitnesspal (I almost feel like I should write it an apology for bad behaviour!) to log every little thing. Otherwise I’m completely out of control, which is not good.

Mr L gave me an exercise programme last night after I cried and said ‘I’m fat it’s hopeless’ that sort of thing quite a lot – much to his disgust, he obviously hates me talking like that. So we went through the exercises, which I did and I can now barely move my legs. Let’s hope it works and gets me kick started again.

I must not despair – I must just carry on, trusting that as long as I don’t completely lose it now, by the end of my 12 weeks I will still have achieved my goal.

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One Response to A rather extended ‘sod it’ moment

  1. Kerensa says:

    Actually, I think that rather than despairing, you should feel proud of having the courage to write about everything on your blog – I also think it’s much more inspirational for us readers to see that, even though you’ve done so brilliantly, just like us you have the odd off day too. Really impressed with how you’ve got back on track, it’s definitely inspired me not to give up after an extremely extended ‘sod it’ period, holidays here we come!

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