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Never skip the stretches!

So there I am dutifully doing my Davina Fit in 15 and getting along marvelously well, when one day I think to myself, well I’ve done arms today, I am going to skip the stretching bit. All is fine, until I get up the next day, lean over the sink to clean my teeth and

Refreshing summer drinks and alternatives to alcohol

Wow, I must get back in to good habits. I’ve been slack on everything but work lately. But all work and no play makes for a very grumpy person. I need to get some ‘work/life balance’ back in to my life. I am still sticking to the 5:2 and the weight has definitely stayed off,

5:2 progress. 14 pounds lost, 10 to go.

I thought it was high time I blogged again on my progress. Both on the 5:2 diet and on alcohol consumption. So I can confidently report that the 5:2 diet does indeed work and I have now lost a stone (14 pounds) in weight. Yes, yes, yes *does happy dance around kitchen*. I am very

The 5:2 diet, the weight loss will come won’t it?

Mmm, I’m feeling a little despondent today. I have had no further weight loss since my last post. I have been doing the 5:2 for the last couple of weeks, this is week 3 and I have yet to see any results. I thought this was unusual as I had yet to see anyone who

My ‘Work Out of The Day’

Five pounds lost now! Yay! I know this is only 1 more since the last update, but this pattern of weight loss is fairly typical for me and it averages out at a pound per week, which is what I am aiming for, so I am happy. What also makes me happy is that I

4 pounds lost, just 24 to go…

OK, time for a confession, I haven’t been sticking very well to the Paleo diet for the last few months. And I have really noticed a difference. The most distressing difference being for me the weight gain. So I need to get back to following the diet properly and shift that weight off and then

Me and My Fitbit

I thought I would blog again with my FitBit findings from my first day back at work today. I had to go to our London head office and I chickened out of getting the train due to the horrible weather and the fact my laptop bag and all it’s paraphernalia weighs in at least 5kg

Achieving goals and setting new ones.

Wow, have I got out of the habit of blogging! I have almost forgotten how to, so I am just going to have to start up again and hope for the best. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to blog more regularly again, because I enjoy it and it helps keep me focused, so

Confessional blog post about alcohol

How easy it is to fall out of good habits and re-establish bad ones. It has been so long since I blogged because this is a pretty hard post to write. I managed to be teetotal for two whole years by telling myself I would never drink again, which I think is why it is

Fit or thin? What’s more important?

It is safe to say that I am feeling a bit fed-up. Mainly disappointed in myself. Whilst not weighing myself for a long time now (a year or is it less? I’m not sure, I can’t remember) because the Paleo diet was suiting me and my jeans fit, I thought I would happily carry on